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Resolution Packaging offers a comprehensive range of packaging solutions to a variety of industries. Our product range includes Aerosol Cans, Glass Bottles and Jars, Cosmetic, Food and Pharmaceutical Plastics, Metal Twist Closures, Pharmaceutical Vials, and Rubber Stoppers. Each of these products serves a specific purpose within its respective industry and has unique requirements for safety, durability, and ease of use.

Aerosol Cans are a popular packaging choice for a range of industries, particularly for products that require a pressurised spray or mist application. Glass Bottles and Jars are widely used in the food and beverage industry for products such as sauces, oils, and spices, as well as in the cosmetics industry for fragrances, skincare, and hair care products. Plastic packaging is popular in the pharmaceutical industry due to its durability, lightweight, and cost-effectiveness.

Metal Twist Closures are a popular choice for products that require a tight seal, such as food and beverage products, pharmaceuticals, and household cleaners. Pharmaceutical Vials and Rubber Stoppers are used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry for the safe and secure storage of medications and vaccines.

The packaging industry is a critical component of many industries, particularly in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. The industry is constantly evolving, with new trends and technologies emerging to meet the changing needs of consumers and manufacturers. For example, there is an increasing demand for sustainable packaging solutions, such as biodegradable plastics and recycled materials.

At Resolution Packaging, we understand the importance of staying ahead of industry trends and providing our customers with the latest and most innovative packaging solutions. We hold Exclusive Agency Supplier Agreements with various manufacturers from overseas for the Australian and New Zealand markets, which allows us to provide our customers with access to the latest products and technologies from around the world.

Overall, Resolution Packaging is a leading provider of packaging solutions that is committed to meeting the unique needs of each of our customers. We strive to provide high-quality products at competitive prices while offering personalised customer service and forging long-term supply partnerships with our customers.

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